Life On The Prairie

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That's life on the prairie...

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Knowing your furnace is broken.

And winter approaches.

And you will have to build a fire everyday.

To keep you warm.

And knowing your man is gone.

And may never come back.

With his crazy, captivating charm.

To keep you warm.

And knowing your bones are old.

And your years grow short.

And it will be months before the sun reappears.

To keep you warm.

Knowing all of this.

Knowing every bit of it.

And yet....

You are warm.

You are enveloped.

You are embraced.

This is happiness.

Not the earthly kind.

This is the Habakkuk.

Kind of happiness.

The ember deep down.

In the inner core.

Of your being.

That starts a fire.

Of praise until.

It fills every sinew, muscle.

And bone.

And becomes marrow.

The fat.

The blessed fat.

Of peace.

That cushions it all.


Oh, glory be.

And thank you, God.

Thank you, thank you.


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