Life On The Prairie

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That's life on the prairie...

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To the sadness.

The gladness.

The madness.

She says...she says.

To the waves.

To the trees.

To the breeze.

To the ether.

Swirled like a blanket.

On the hills.

That breaks like a storm.

On the shore.

Where no ship dares.

For the breakers.

Are takers of hearts.

So she runs and climbs.



To the top.

Of the lighthouse.

To the safe chamber.

Of the Keeper.

And she falls into the bed.

He has made loosely and softly.

There, for her.

Where He snores in the chair.

By her bed.

There's no end to the sadness.

The gladness.

The madness.

And the endless sea that separates us.

She whispers against the wind.

And He stirs.

In the dark.

And says I know.

I know.

Rest, dear one.

Let him go.


Rest, dear one.

I love you so.

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